Thursday, June 23, 2011

Long Overdue Update from the Munson Household

It is hard to believe that nine weeks ago today, my Miss. Kinsley was born. The joy and love I feel is indescribable. I have sat down to write a few thoughts so many times but I never quite finish articulating the emotions that I have experienced since giving birth.

To say that nothing can fully prepare you for motherhood is an understatement! I felt rather prepared and confident before Kinsley arrived but suddenly, afterwards, I felt the complete opposite! I realized afterwards that perfection in motherhood is impossible and that, despite my best efforts, sometimes things just don't go as planned. A few thoughts and observations I have had since having Kinsley.....

1.) As a Christian, I feel increasingly close to Christ myself and feel drawn to promote a Christ-centered environment for Kinsley more than ever! I want her to grow knowing that someone more amazing than me and Andrew (lol!) exist and loves her unconditionally. It is perhaps my most important mission in life now.

2.) Everyone does things differently and so, I must derive confidence in my OWN decisions to parent Kinsley. It is amazing how many different choices you must make, pretty much every single day. I have driven myself crazy researching something because there are always several different arguments out there. Sometimes I feel insecure in a decision and become concerned that others will judge me but, at the end of the day, I have to remind myself: who cares! I need to feel secure in my own ability to make judgments and decisions. I am not a moron afterall.

3.) It is crazy how quickly priorities change. I admit, I LOVE talking on the phone and I have a group of "regulars" I talk with rather frequently. Now, I am lucky if I talk with just ONE person a day and more likely than not, that one person will likely be my mother! I tend to be "a dollar short and a day late" most of the time anyway but now, NEVERMIND! I have responded to text messages several days after they have been sent and sometimes just don't get back to someone who has called me. When I do have a spare minute, I want to pick up the phone but then that scary word kicks in: PRIORITIES! I opt for a shower or a nice long teethbrushing instead.

4.) Sarah Palin and I finally have something in common: we are both "mamma grizzly's." The intense instinct to protect Kinsley from harm and to promote peace and tranquility as much as possible is unavoidable. I have always been an insomniac but since giving birth, it has become increasingly difficult to sleep, even when I can! I check on her frequently and just want to make sure she is okay. There is nothing I wouldn't do to protect her.

5.) I can finally understand why my mom might forgo something she wants or needs in exchange for us children getting something we need. I would sacrifice about anything for Kinsley. It reminds me of the definition of - Sweater, n.: garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly. ~Ambrose Bierce

A funny example of this just happened last week. I went shopping at Target for groceries and while there, I discovered something I wanted Kinsley to get. Now, we have a very specific budget for groceries and so I knew I couldn't get it. Well, I did get it but just didn't get a lot of groceries. Nevertheless, I didn't get in trouble for going over budget because I didn't :-)

6.) Lastly, being a mother isn't all fun and games. It is the most difficult job on this planet and with it comes smiles and tears. I wasn't expecting the emotional rollercoaster I would find myself on after Kinsley was born. Thankfully, my hormones are finally stabilizing but OMGoodness, I am so glad that rollercoaster is finally slowing down.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Stationery card

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Luxury Accommodations in Hotel Utero.....

Well, I will be 39 weeks on Tuesday. It is hard to believe that I have had this little girl inside of my body for nearly TEN months now. No wonder I am so ready to meet this precious little girl! I know Andrew is ready too. Evidently she thinks that Hotel Utero's luxury accommodations are too good to leave quite yet. I know she will pick her perfect birthday and all will turn out well but I can't help but constantly think about the moment I go into labor. Every time something unusual happens to my body, I instantly think, "Hmmm, am I going into labor?" I know I will likely know I am going into labor very quickly but of course me, "the planner," would much prefer to have this all lined up in deck format with a minute by minute agenda :-)

A big thank you to everyone for all of your encouragement and support throughout this entire pregnancy. It makes the entire Munson family feel incredibly blessed and grateful!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our weekly visit to the midwife....

Yesterday Andrew and I went in for our 36 week appointment and it was so exciting to hear that things have started to rock n' roll a bit! My body and the baby are both gearing up for the BIG day. As with every other visit, I prepared a list of about a million questions to ask her which she always dutifully and thoroughly answers for us. She is the best! After answering all of my questions, she gave me an order: RELAX! She gave us a prescription for some one on one time these upcoming weeks. Point taken, much to my chagrin :-)

And the baby...well, she is doing fabulous. She actually showed us where all of her body parts were (at that moment) and even invited Andrew to come over and cop a feel too! We excited her a bit I think because her heart started to really pound when we started directly talking to her. It was priceless.

A GREAT visit. We so can't wait to meet our little girl!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Did you know? You may have extended warranty benefits......

Lesson learned.

So, I couldn't figure out why my dishwasher was spewing soap suds all over the kitchen floor EVERY time I turned it on. I felt like I was walking into an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants every time I visited the kitchen. I hesitated but needed to get it fixed so I called the repairman and learned that the spewing soap suds were, in fact, DISH SOAP suds from a bowl I had used to wash behind the refrigerator. The repairman's anecdote worked but was too easy....cycle the dishwasher with vegetable oil and charge me over a $100.

I called my best friend beyond upset. Seriously, what next, right? Well, she asked me how I purchased the dishwasher and interestingly enough, we had just purchased the dishwasher in 2009 with a MasterCard. She told me to to look into the "Extended Warranty Benefits" on the MasterCard as reimbursement for the repair was possible. I had no idea what she was talking about but after a further investigation I learned that the MasterCard I used offers a TWO year extended warranty benefit for repairs on purchases made with the card, like dishwashers, televisions, washers, etc. So, I submitted a claim to MasterCard for the repair bill and guess what? Yesterday I received a check for the FULL amount of the bill. I couldn't believe it.

I had no idea this benefit existed on my credit card but thanks to Vicki, now I do. I learned three valuable lessons. 1.) NEVER introduce your dishwasher to regular dish soap as you are sure to have a kitchen full of soap suds the next time you use it. 2.) Purchases made on a credit card may be eligible for an extended warranty benefit. 3.) Save your receipts so if you need to submit a claim, you have everything you need.

Extended Warranty Information for Credit Cards

Friday, March 11, 2011

A little bit of humor goes a long way!

So, I am almost 35 weeks now and changes in my body and my feelings are happening as rapidly as ever. Andrew likes to say I am "irrational" but I just think I'm a bit emotional! In fact, at our first Lamaze class this last weekend, Andrew didn't hesitate to say "dealing with irrational behavior" when the instructor asked the birthing partners in the room to list some of the difficulties they have experienced as a result of the pregnancy. One of Lamaze's most basic tenets is that pregnancy and birth profoundly affects women AND their entire families and so it isn't a surprise that my irrational behaviors (which I do recognize ARE irrational!) and moods do profoundly impact Andrew.

In fact, I know my behaviors and moods do impact this entire household. Some of these behaviors and moods have had a positive impact on the household. I mean, come on, who doesn't want a thoroughly deep cleaned toilet plunger and a perfectly organized cupboard that is broken out into genre of canned goods? Also, who can complain when someone, with a magic wand, thoroughly inspects all of your "every day wear," disgards old or damaged items, and then situates every clothing item in your dresser with precision and organization? I, for one, would love it!

On the other hand, I know it can be rather taxing to constantly address the "what if" questions and manage a slight grin everytime I say something like, "we better do this so 'that' doesn't happen once the baby is born." What I think would be worse is the "this hurts," "that hurts," "this is gross," I feel gross," comments that come out rather frequently right about now! After, a week, I'd be like, "GET OVER IT KIM!" Also, every day is so different. Some days I feel refreshed and positive and other days, well....not so much. I am sure Andrew's evening commute home is laced with thoughts relating to how the evening will go!

Thankfully, my rational mind reminds me how profoundly blessed I am. I have a husband who has been incredibly understanding and empathetic throughout this entire pregnancy. He can always lift me up just by throwing out a bit of his classic "Andrew" humor or coming over and rubbing my calf that constantly aches because of the ever attractive Vericose Vein that is about the size of China right now. He allows me to express myself and will remind me of a more rational point of view.

As I consider the last weeks of this pregnancy and the impending bundle of joy who will be here soon, I feel like I am the luckiest woman in the world! Andrew is my perfect soulmate and is the perfect father for this child inside of me. One of the most important things I want all of our children to know is that this family unit is one of stability and overflowing love. We may not have it all but we will always have each other and a bit of humor too!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The sisterhood of mothers

So, yesterday Andrew and I attended our third Lamaze class at Blooma. It is quite the experience and one filled with a lot of discussion and a few chuckles along the way! I personally appreciate the Lamaze approach to childbirth and feel like it best resonates with my desires. Now, there are many different approaches to childbirth and what I have discovered is that one approach to childbirth is not necessarily more worthy than another. We all take very different journeys to motherhood and rather discredit that process because we choose to do it differently, I believe it is time we give credit to all women for taking that unique path that ultimately leads to new life.

In fact, I have become rather disillusioned by the way individuals, particularly women, judge each other's decisions about what is best for their bodies and their families. I don't know why it surprises me so much but it really does :-) Sometimes it seems like everyone else seems to know what is best! I have given this a lot of thought lately and have challenged myself as well. Particularly because I have spent countless hours researching pregnancy and childbirth, I sometimes think I have it all figured it out, when in reality, I really don't! It is no wonder women begin to feel vulnerable or unsupported when there is so much judgment flying around.

One of my goals, as a new mother, is to uphold the dignity of every other mother and the decisions she and her partner make for THEIR family. I'm sure there will continue to be the, "I would never do it that way" moments but those moments are best kept inside the confines of my head. Raising a family is hard enough but as a sisterhood of mothers, we can all make it so much easier.